Tule Review

Tule Review has published poets you recognize:

Gary Snyder

Ann Waldman

Philip Levine

Judith Tannenbaum

Francisco Alarcon

Robert Hass

Lucille Lang Day

Simon Perchik

William Stafford

Susan Kelly-deWitt
Robert Creeley

Jack Hirschman





Twenty Years and Still Going

Twenty years ago Julia Connor, Patrick Grizzell, and Mary Zeppa sat down to form a publication that would transform our literary community. They were ambitious, publishing the most notable poets of the day, as well as new faces that have become significant since. Over the years the journal has made changes, moving from a newsprint tabloid publication, to a side-stapled, card-stock covered quarterly, to the beautiful color cover, perfect-bound annual of today. One thing has been constant: Tule Review publishes fine quality poetry. Only poetry. Even in the inaugural issue the journal had a national appeal, drawing in poets from various quarters. Tule has remained  eclectic, publishing formalist and more modern styles. Today the journal travels to a new place, publishing some poems on the web, while retaining our in-print publication.   

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