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Frank Dixon Graham, Editor in Chief

Emily Wright, Associate Editor

Alex Russell, Associate Editor

Editorial Staff Readers:

V.S. Chochezi

Geoff Neill

Nancy Aide Gonzalez

​Bethanie Humphreys

Emmanuel Sigauke​

Copyeditors: ​Wendy Williams & ​Kara Synhorst

Special Assignments Editor: Rhony Bhopla​

Book Design: Anne Bean  

​Cover Art: Greg Kondos


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After more than twenty years, Tule Review  remains the literary journal of the Sacramento Poetry Center. About six years ago TR also became the flagship publication of Sacramento Poetry Center Press, a project formed by local poetry professors Tim Kahl and Brad Buchanan. SPC Press currently publishes Tule Review, full-length collections of poetry, Poetry Now, and periodic regional anthologies. Tule aims to publish eclectic poems about people and nature. This work originates with poets from around the world. Art work is selected from talented painters and photographers.

Tule Review

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